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CHECK WEEKLY! Mindset Reset on the Go!

Audio files that transform your mindset, making your commute a powerful time rather than a frustrating one, and a way to make that run/walk time fly by.

Monthly Member Meetup

Paying members get to connect in live monthly one-on-one Coaching sessions, and have access to replays. You may also receive FREE invites to general group calls/replays that cover a money topic from a Biblical perspective.

Expand Your Vision: Create Your BIG Picture

Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Dream BIG, then dream BIGGER! The big dream creates a big and urgent "Why?". Without one, people tend to feel, "Why bother?". The "why bother" feeling leads to depression and hopelessness.

Money Management

Taste test versions of our premium programs, and even some premium content for FREE as an incentive to consider a membership to the CA$Hercise Crew