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Committment free.

For the DIYer, and the type 'A' personalities, there may be enough at this level for you to find that nugget you need and run with it all on your own with no help from us. GO FOR IT!

Perfect for the skeptics and the tire kickers! Check us out. Browse. Take all the time you want. We are happy to have you here, and totally get it that you need a bit more convincing than others before you commit your time, effort and dollars. We have packed our FREE level with pieces of our best stuff. After all, we want you to love us and give us a chance to love you back.

However, if you know you are a procrastinator, or hate feeling lonely on your journey to becoming debt-free, outrageously profitable and joyfully generous - then consider upgrading your membership to where results are more likely because of the built-in accountability.

PS You will not be charged a penny as a FREE member but in the nature of transparency and to comply with GDPR and our data policies, we do ask for your contact info. This information will not be disclosed to 3rd parties nor available for sale.




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Baby Steppers

Sa-WEET! Let's do this!

You have invested in your transformation, however - you understand you still have a high level of 'elbow grease' and self-accountability at this level. 

Regardless, you are taking a step in the direction of becoming more profitable, debt-free and joyfully generous.


When the choice is now or later... PICK NOW!

Because you are tired to telling your kids "No!" to things they absolutely deserve. Because you want to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. Because being debt-free is not enough. You want to be beyond OK. You want to be outrageously profitable and joyfully generous too. Because you want to your life to be proof that God showed up for you. Because you want to live your testimony without even having to say a word. <b>Because you are grateful for everything God has already done and ready to receive everything else He wants to send your way.

You are looking for your answer to your situation. Generic and one-size-fits-all is not for you. You need more than just a passerby giving you vague directions - but you will access it, a la carte. You need a guide who is going the same way and knows how to get there.
This is your Hub. Grow into it!

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This is the ALL ACCESS level.  This is the best value as this is the most customizable option. You get access to every live event, weekly coaching access and every existing and added program regardless of their per unit fee, to ensure you have access to the product/service mix to help you achieve your goal when working with the CASHercise(TM) Coach.

You understand that time is non-renewable and you have no time to waste. You are ready for your Abundant Life and you want access to all the Coaching and resources to get you there. You are a ROCKSTAR!

Don't worry - if you do not feel like it yet, it is because you unwrap that belief in layers; but I guarantee there is a ROCKSTAR inside you.

When the choice is now or later... PICK NOW!

Your bills are paid, but that is not enough. You want a 720+ credit score, wiggle room to have a vacation, give a nice gift to your spouse/child, have a just in case fund... whatever! Just OK is NOT Ok! You are working for outrageous profits. Matthew 13:46 "On finding one very valuable pearl he went away, sold everything he owned and bought it." This is about Return on Investment!

This is your Hub! Grow into it!

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Buy CASHercise PRINT Book USA only

Get an Author signed, PRINT copy mailed to you when you buy it here (USA only).

The book is $7 but here the S&H is included. 

Go directly to Amazon and get your Ebook immediately here

Outside of the USA, please buy on Amazon where customized shipping is calculated.


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All Access plus Private Huddle

By Invitation ONLY!


Everything in the all-access PLUS...

This is a tight, small group/one-on-one, no secret unshared group with full access to the CASHercise Coach on a first priority basis. We go over YOUR STUFF not just general conversation and you figure out how to apply it to your stuff. Weekly accountability calls for the first 3 months to increase your 'take action' momentum.

This includes an in-person, bring your computer, one-on-one sit down over your stuff for a solid 4-hours for every 3 months you have spent in the program (or 4 per year)***

Cancel any time.

***You come to Tampa, FL, OR you join the intensive via Skype.

Criteria for being considered:

  • You have purchased something from me (price is irrelevant)
  • You have interacted with me by phone/video
  • You show up/have completed at least 50% of the time to things you sign up to attend/participate in.


I will make it worth your time.


What's In It for You?

-NO ADDITIONAL FEES no matter what course/program you choose, including new additions

-Some done-for-you services

-Author signed copies of all my published books

-CASHercise Crew T-shirt

-FREE tickets to everything I do (live, online, whatever)

-FRONT ROWS seats at live events

-Special shoutouts at any of my events you attend

-As time goes on, I WILL ADD MORE benefits.


To ensure Concierge level service, a MAXIMUM of only 10 members will be in this group.

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